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Meet Travis

I have a Master’s degree in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology (LPC). Yes, I know that sounds kind of hippyish, and it was. I have spent the last few decades working with individuals, couples, and families, with an emphasis on trauma and loss. I believe that in our short existence here on earth we can live fulfilling lives by being more connected with each other and ourselves. I think Plato was right all of those years ago when he shared how “the unexamined life is a life half lived.” I am excited to help you find some deeper meaning and purpose, along with just feeling better about yourself. 


I’m a huge fan of the Northwest, and all of its amazing parts, including the strange and unique people here. In my spare time, I spend my days reading, enjoying craft beer, hanging out with an amazing spouse, friends, being a parent to two incredible sons, and joining in on any fun that comes my way. 

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Areas of Interest
  • Men's Issues

  • Trauma Counseling

  • Aging Concerns

  • Depression

  • Family Conflicts

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