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Travis Wright, MA
Professional Counselor Associate

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I believe that each human being has great potential. Given time and space, most people can explore their past to see how it informs the present.  Change is a function of time and the more we know about ourselves the larger the role we play to enact change. My goal has always been to come together with people to help them feel less alone and more connected to the world. I've been a therapist for 20 plus years. I was with the Department of Veterans Affairs/Vet Center for most of that time. I’m a veteran myself, and I've counseled veterans and their family’s from many eras of service.  Throughout my time as a therapist, I've been committed to creating opportunities for people to find some deeper parts to themselves.  The awe and wonder of life can be overshadowed with the darkness from our past or the anxiety with our future.  Purpose and meaning are a big part of what I am interested in.  Particularly through the lens of humor and wonder at our existence.  The idea that we could learn to be more comfortable in our own skin underlies much of the work in therapy.  


In my spare time, I spend my days reading, enjoying craft beer, hanging out with an amazing spouse, friends, being a parent to two incredible sons, and joining in on any fun that comes my way.

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