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Sex Therapy

It’s common for sex to feel complicated at some point in your life. Sexual difficulties can cause a lot of worry and distress, leaving some people extremely unhappy. You don’t have to settle for an unfulfilled sex life, pain during sex, sexual shame, or lack of sexual desire.  


Trained in holistic sex therapy; Ray is LGBTQ+ affirming, kink, and poly fluent! We can help you explore issues of gender or sexual orientation in a welcoming, non-judgmental environment. Together, we’ll develop practical solutions to help you navigate sexual challenges.

Counseling can help if you experience:

  • Sexual Pain

  • Sexual Anxiety

  • Out of Control Sexual Behavior

  • Erectile Difficulties

  • Orgasm Difficulties

  • Healing Sexual Trauma

  • Support for STI Diagnosis

  • Understanding Sexual Pleasure

  • Trauma


  • Kink-Fluent

  • Polyamory

  • Non-Monogamy

  • Sex Work Support

  • Building Intimacy

  • Building Satisfying Relationships

  • Understanding Sexual Consent


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