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Sex positivity is about making your own decisions about your sex life rather than letting culture dictate how you express your sexuality. Stigma compromises healthy engagement with one's body. It undermines self-care, critical thinking and informed decision-making. It also hurts self-esteem and social status. As a sex educator, I am passionate about challenging the dominant narrative of what constitutes sex and sexuality.

  • Depression, Anxiety and other mental heath issues that relate to sex and intimacy

  • Managing/overcoming sexual pain 

  • Managing/overcoming sexual anxiety

  • Managing/overcoming sexual addictions

  • Understanding pornography use/addiction

  • Managing/overcoming erectile difficulties

  • Managing/overcoming orgasm difficulties

  • Healing sexual trauma

  • Support for STI diagnosis

  • Support for sexual assault survivors

  • LGBTIQA+ support

  • Kink-friendly support

  • Poly-friendly/non-monogamy support

  • Sex work support

  • Building intimacy in relationships

  • Building satisfying relationships

  • Understanding sexual consent

  • Understanding sexual pleasure


50-Minute session: $120

I am committed to providing affordable services. I offer a limited number of reduced fee options based on need, and hardship. This must be negotiated prior to the first session.  

I currently accept debit/credit card. I do not accept insurance.